Kristen isn’t content with just wearing Rob’s clothing — she’s trying to hold on to his memory any way she can!

Kristen Stewart broke Robert Pattinson‘s heart by cheating on him, but she regrets her decision so much that she reportedly brought a batch of stuffed animals he bought her along with her to Toronto while she is promoting On The Road!

Kristen, 22, has taken to sleeping with a teddy bear that Rob, 26, gave to her, reports.

“Kristen is latching on to all the things that she associates with Robert and now she can’t be without her stuffed animals,” a source tells the site. “Over the years, Robert, who was a hopeless romantic, bought Kristen plushies whenever he saw one he thought she would love. She is obsessed with them and has them scattered all over her bed; they’re a sweet reminder of how he cared for her. But now, as they’re no longer together, they’ve become more of a security blanket for Kristen, so she took a collection of her favorite teddy bears with her to Toronto. She’s missing Robert a lot, and she’s clinging on to her stuffed animals for comfort; Kristen is petrified about facing the public.”

Kristen has recently been spotted wearing Rob’s clothes, a habit that Dr. Gilda Carle told us is a sign that she’s not prepared to let go of their love.

“Wearing Rob’s shirt suggests Kristen is not willing or ready to let go of him, their relationship, or the memory of what they had. This may seem peculiar, but olfactory sensations are major draws to someone, and they have been researched and explored in many studies. If the shirt has not been washed, she may also be gaining comfort from his body smell print. All in all, it translates to her unwillingness or unpreparedness to let go, at least at this time.”